Your Ethereum blockchain infra, ready for production

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Querying Ethereum has never been easier

With the hype of blockchain tech in finance this year, I wanted to show you how easy it is to setup your own Ethereum infrastructure, and make few transactions. From there you can better understand the infra requirements, and maybe start developing smart contracts! Enjoy!

What we use

  • Both Ethereum clients (Parity & Geth), on testnet
  • A small Python script to show you how to query the blockchain and to make a transaction
  • Everything is run in a Docker-Compose, so setup is minimalist
  • Data and wallets are persistent, this setup is production ready (please use Some Firewalls!)


What you get

This code will build 2 nodes connected to the Ethereum network, and let you:

  • See the info of your node: network, block number, local addresses, balances
  • Send transactions from your nodes
  • See your pending transactions (resend a blocked/non-confirmed transaction, very useful when you set GAS too low and don't want to wait hours to be pickup by miners...)


1. Get the code

Follow the github to get these 2 nodes running.

2. Smart contract

For here you can start developing more with Python and the Ethereum network, or you can deep into the Smart Contract world with these tools:

  • all infra is in the cloud, you just write contract and deploy and see the result, very light and powerful
  • Truffle: to create your local Ethereum network, where you can deploy and test Smart Contract

Thank you for reading :-) See you in the next post!

November 28, 2016 in #docker #ethereum #parity #geth | | | Share on Google+