Your ghost blog on docker private cloud server for 5$ per month

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You like the look & feel of this blog?

The post you are reading now use the same setup below ;-)
At the end, you will have a blog with the same look, ready to host your pictures and contents.

Control your blogging platform

Dive here to enjoy a full setup of ghost, running in a Docker, on the cheapest cloud server for 5 $/month.

What we use


  • Ghost: very easy way to publish your blog (straight writing in a web page and no coding), could get some nice templates for free.
  • docker-compose: portable and easy to deploy, running in one command. I added nginx for proxy and easy/free SSL certificate with LetsEncrypt.
  • the cheapest VPS so far: 1 Cpu, 768 Mo, 15 Gig of data for 5 $/month


1. Where to host your blog

In this case I use a cloud server because I can manage end to end the service. I could add later more tool on that VM.

Open an account on and create an unbuntu 16.04 with all minimum settings.

2. Need SSL Certificate

In order to get the nice green SSL lock when people will visit our website, please open an account on, buy a domain (no more than 10$, you can pay in bitcoin too ,-).
In advance setting, please link a domain to you server ip:
like -->

3. Get the code

Please follow the step in to run compose ghost on your new server.

At this point you should have:

At last, it's time to enjoy writing
You are now controlling the full setup of ghost! Cheers!

November 20, 2016 in #ghost #blog #docker | | | Share on Google+